Aloha Rag Honolulu on Sumally...

Sumally, a new up and coming social networking website, is now one of my guilty pleasures! Anyone can post a picture of something you like, from clothing to interior decoration, accessories or even landscapes. I can just go on the site and look for hours and hours...good AR started their account a while back, and I've just made an account for our Honolulu Store! We would like to make it a platform to share new arrivals & other merchandise! Please follow us to get updates... 




Note:Today I've just found out that AR Slit Cardigan from FW12 collection has a perfect V to compliment Martin Margiela's Aids Tee! 

I'm wearing the French version of the Tee that I received as a gift. On the bottom, I'm wearing Martin Margiela shorts that I found in a thrift store in Paris...


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