Mannequin Watch: 08.04.12

Manneq  MannequinOn Her:

Top:Girl. by Band of Outsiders Pearl Sweater

Bottom: Girl by Band of Outsiders Jersey Pants

Footwear: Martin Margiela Sock Boots

Accessories: Maria Rudman Bracelets


On Him:

Top: AR Cashmere Striped Hoody 

Inner: AR SRPLS Tee

Bottom: AR SRPLS Short Jogging Pants

Footwear: Martin Margiela German Trainers


For any questions regarding the items, please feel free to contact us.


New York:telephone 1-212-925-0882  pc 505@aloharag.com

Hawaii:telephone 1-808-589-2050 pc love@aloharag.com

Tokyo:telephone 0120-666-994 pc aloharag@hi-press.com


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