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When you research the personal histories of some of the most influential fashion designers, you will be surprised to learn that many didn't graduate with fashion degrees or have any kind of fashion education. It's the diverse backgrounds that always brings a fresh and unique perspective to design, and a new brand coming to Aloha Rag for FW12, CO, started in Los Angeles in 2011 when two people in the film industry collaborated on "luxury essentials that is (are) timeless and easy to wear". Each collection is accompanied by a short film that connects the story in a more intimate way! You can watch the films on their website here. At Aloha Rag, we will receive some pieces of fur outerwear and knitwear. You can click here to see whats going to be available in advance! The new collection will be updated to the website soon, please let us know if you have any questions in the meantime... 


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