Richard Avedon in Gagosian Gallery


The Gagosian Gallery is holding a photo exhibition of Richard Avedon's work that opened last month, and I finally made it in a few days ago. 


Family, friends, lovers, brothers, sisters, fellows, enemies, victims, leaders, followers - In his series of black and white portraits, every imaginable relationship was powerfully captured and his style stripped the individuals bare, successfully photographing their being. In the pictures, I could feel the time and energy that flew between him and his subjects right at that moment, and regardless of the social hierarchy, fame, or gender of his subjects, the images show you their human side, as if they are just someone you could pass on the street.

I tried to snap some shots for those who cannot make it, but this site has really great shots of the show. For those who are around, it's definitely worth checking out in person, because the scale is really hard to grasp over the internet. It's going until July 27th. 


Gagosian Gallery 522 West 21st Street New York, NY 10011

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