Alec Soth "Broken Manual"


When I picked up the book "Paris/Minnesota" a couple of years ago at MAST, I knew instantly that I liked Alec Soth's photography. The book was shockingly beautiful in the way that he captured contemporary fashion like I'd never imagined before, without a cynical or sarcastic note. So, when I heard that he was having an exhibition at the Sean Kelly Gallery, I really had to go! "Broken Manuals" is a compiled group of portraits, landscapes and objects that reflect American men who have gone to live a segregated life in the downtrodden countryside. Although nothing is too dramatic on the surface in his photos, the images were quite emotional. Soth's lens keeps a certain distance from the subjects as a bystander, yet shows the bareness and rawness of them in a straightforward manner. The exhibition is going on until March 11th, and I strongly recommend a visit if you are in the city! If you cannot make it to the Gallery, you can see some of the images on his website


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This video was shot during the shooting of his portrait project, and it really explains the connection between Soth and the subjects... 


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