Indigo Blue


As we were looking through the recent arrivals of SS12, we've noticed that indigo is definitely a key-color this season for both men's and women's wear. The true navy pigment reminds us of the deep sea, and the sky at dawn, anything that instantly connects with nature and the earth. Mostly known as dye for denim, indigo is one of the oldest techniques of garment dying, which has been practiced across the globe since the 18th century. Dosa's indigo series are hand-died in India with real indigo, which makes the quality and hue pristine! As time goes by indigo fades, part of it's natural character, and as it does it tells the personal story of your wear of the garment through it's wrinkles and the marks broken in by you. Please find some indigo items below and click to see the item pages. 


Highseas-2  Highseas-5  Highseas-3

Flat-4  Highseas-1Highseas-4

Highseas-7  Highseas  Highseas-8


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