A Happy New Year!!


No matter where you are in the world, Aloha Rag hopes you are spending this great moment saying farewell to 2011 and welcoming 2012! A Happy New Year!! Let's PARTY!!!!


Week in Pictures: 12.30.11


Here is the last edition of Week in Pictures for 2011! These are some photos that the Aloha Rag team took in Hawaii, Tokyo, Fukuoka, and New York! Thank you for your support during another amazing year! We promise to continue to grow, and when we do, take all of you along with us for the ride!!! Next year is going to be one to remember! Have a Happy New Year! 


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Diane Von Furstenberg SS12 Scarves

When it comes to prints and patterns, there is no one who has the same chemistry as Diane Von Furstenberg. Over her long career in fashion, she's been known for her mastery matching patterns to the right silhouettes, from her famous wrap dress to the small accessories that continue to sell out in our stores season after season. These scarves from her SS12 collection are full of wild prints in playful colors!! They are cashmere, and amazingly soft and light. We just received them in snow leopard (blue and yellow), and a zebra pattern with pink or blue trim! They will be up on the website soon so please check New Arrival frequently... 

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Behind the Scenes... Saturdays Surf



We are very excited about the arrival of Saturdays Surf tees in Aloha Rag exclusive colorways!! The shooting team visited Saturdays on Crosby to shoot the tees right before Christmas... Here are few shots that we took in their backyard, as the store was full of gift shoppers and locals! As we are sure you have seen already, the T-shirts come in two color combo in the picture above. Black x Black and White x Bright Yellow, and they are limited to 200 units per color. Not to mention, they are only available in Aloha Rag! They will launching on the website January 4th, and when they do, you can find them here


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Bye Bye 2011...


Over the course of the year, we shot quite a bit for the product pages and features of the website, and had the great pleasure to work with talented models. We tried, but could not really count how many photos we actually took, but we shot just over a 100 days this year and usually shot more than 1000 photos per day... which means it was easily over 100,000! (Our photographer, Takuro could shoot more, but he knows when he got the one!) Here are some extra shots from photo shoots we did this year... Each one is very memorable, hope you enjoy them like we did! 

MM13" Objects & Publications


A couple exciting new arrivals from Martin Margiela's Line 13 "objects & publication" are now available at Aloha Rag!! The line has been very popular with it's quirkiness and humor, while maintaining the identifiable design aesthetic of MMM. The image above of the Champagne Bucket and Snow Dome were taken while skyping with the Hawaii office. Hopefully it gives you an good idea of the scale of them! Many more items will going to arrive very soon, so stay tuned for more news to come... 

Aloha Rag Lucky Bag!!!



If you are on our mailing list or frequently check our website, you might already know about Aloha Rag's Lucky Bag campaign!!! This lucky bag contains valuable items from your favorite brands such as Alexander Wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Rick Owens, Carven, Diane Von Furstenberg, Balmain, Martin Margiela, Raf Simons, and many more great designers...Please check the details of the campaign, and shop Women's and Men's bags! The promotion runs until 1/1, so you have a few more days, but do it quick because quantities are very limited. 


LOEWE sunglasses are here!!



Special pieces are pouring in daily at Aloha Rag for the oncoming SS12...! While at an appointment a few months ago, the buying team was wrapping up and about to leave the showroom when these Loewe sunglasses caught the buyers eye... We had to sit down again and try them on!!! We fell in love with the vivid colors, making the glasses literal eye-candy... These are now available at the stores, and very soon they will be up on the website. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email / phone call.


New York:telephone 1-212-925-0882  pc 505@aloharag.com



Hawaii:telephone 1-808-589-2050 pc love@aloharag.com


Men's Looks: 12.28.11


Along with the Women's SS12 arrivals, we also shot some great Men's item from Lucien Pellat Finet, Jil Sander, Saturdays, and Martin Margiela last week! Some are layers to keep you warm right now, and others are prefect staples for warm weather! These looks will be up on the website soon, please click on the images below to see details for now... 


Lucien Pellat Finet

Lpf  Lpf1  Lpf4  Lpf5  Lpf6

Lpf7  Lpf8  Lpf9  Lpf10  Lpf11


Saturdays                                                              Jil Sander

Sat  Sat2             Jil  Jil1

Martin Margiela

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YSL Easy


Possibly Yves Saint Lauren's most iconic bag, the "Easy" is a great carryall regardless of trends, seasons, and styles. With the subtle Y logo paneled in to the construction, and it's easy side-tab snap for a transitional shape, this bag is the perfect embodiment of effortless chic! What makes this bag special is it's weight; if you've ever held one in person, you know this is light as a feather! We currently have it in three different colors, and to get a closer look, please click on the images below to see the product pages. 

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Women's Looks: 12.26.11


Before welcoming holiday time in to our lives, the Aloha Rag shooting team was busy capturing freshly arrived SS12 items! We shot the collections of Lucien Pellat Finet, Celine, Girl. by Band of Outsiders, and many more! These looks below will be upload to the website very soon, so don't forget to check New Arrivals when you are shopping online with all that holiday money! 


Girl. by Band of Outsiders

Girl  Girl1  Girl2  Girl3


Lucien Pellat Finet

Lucien1  Lucien2  Lucien5  Lucien4  Lucien6

                                                                The Row

Lucien7                              Therow1  Therow


Celine  Celine1  Celine3  Celine4

Jil Sander Scarves


These Jil Sander's scarves are some of the first items we've received at Aloha Rag for SS12, and just looking at them, we want to skip the Winter reality and jump to Spring. Their airy light weight and blue tones are so refreshing when combined with light palettes, white and beige. We've received three kinds of patterns and color, python, plaid, and solid navy! All of them are very soft and perfectly complete a polished Spring look, making it tough to choose just one... They will be up on the New Arrivals page soon, so please keep an eye on them! 

Jil  Jil2  Jil3

3.1 Phillip Lim Men's SS12 Pre-Order is Open!!


We just announced that the 3.1 Phillip Lim SS12 Pre-Orders are now available!! This is a great chance to see the items in advance, and not to miss what you want...! You can check out the collection page here, and if you have any questions regarding the items, please feel free to contact us.

New York:telephone 1-212-925-0882  pc 505@aloharag.com


Hawaii:telephone 1-808-589-2050 pc love@aloharag.com


Trend Alert : A Squeeze of Lemon

When we looked at the SS12 runways back in September, Lemon Yellow was one of the major colors that caught our attention. The refreshing zest of yellow is perfect for welcoming the Spring, and it will keep you upbeat unconditionally! At the physical Aloha Rag stores, pops of yellow is seen everywhere! We've received sweaters that you can sport right away, some airy dresses and adorable accessories as well. Please click on the images below to jump to the product pages, and more yellow items from SS12 collection are on their way! 


Highseas-2  Highseas-3Highseas-1

Highseas-4  HighseasHighseas-5

Staff Purchase: NIKE M-65!

The other day, I purchased the newly arrived NIKE M-65 jacket in pale grey. I actually bought my first another darker grey version earlier this season and I really liked the functionality and design of it, so thought owning another one wouldn't hurt... and I know I will wear it a lot!  Some of the accents on the jacket have a little bit of a futuristic essence, and it makes me look like a Storm Trooper from Star Wars, but that's what I like about this jacket. You don't see this crisp wool texture used for M-65 jackets so often. I am sure it will keep me going through the New York Winter when I wear a sweater underneath!! This jacket will be update on the website any day now, please check the New Arrivals often... 


Tom Ford Documentary

The living legend in the fashion industry, Tom Ford's documentary was revealed a few days ago. Always at the top of his game, he is now not only designing a couture collection, but also directing films and launching a make-up collection. This film shows an insiders view of his astonishing creativity, and it's a great film to watch if you have a little relaxed time during the holidays! We've been carrying Tom Ford's sunglasses for many seasons now, and they are always one of the best sellers of Aloha Rag's eyewear collections. Check out his entire eyewear collection here!

Highseas-1  Highseas-2Highseas


Song of the Day: 12.25.11

Merry Christmas! The Aloha Rag team is hoping you are having a wonderful day with your family & friends!!!


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays


Break out the Kangol hats and gold chains, its Christmas time in Queens

(and everywhere else).  Just a favorite Christmas song of mine from 

RUN DMC.  Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah to all!

Mannequin Watch: 12.24.11


On Him:

Outer: AR Zipup Hoody*

Inner: AR Buttondown Basic Shirt*

Bottom: AR Climbing Pants*

Footwear: Hiroshi Tsubouchi Oxford

Accesory: 3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Tote* 


On Her:

Outer1: AR Memory-Shape Coat*

Outer2: AR Motorcycle Jacket*

Inner: AR Layered Shirt*

Bottom: AR Skirt*

Footwear: Alexander Wang Chloe Sandal

Accessory: 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli Bag


Styled by Vicen


*Some items on the mannequins are not available online. Please contact us if you have any questions!


New York:telephone 1-212-925-0882  pc 505@aloharag.com


Hawaii:telephone 1-808-589-2050 pc love@aloharag.com


Week in Pictures: 12.23.11


Here comes the long-waited Christmas weekend everyone! These are some pictures that the Aloha Rag team took in Hawaii, Tokyo, New York, and Paris. The top image is from Tokyo, the beautiful Christmas illumination... Aloha Rag wishes a Merry Christmas to all, have a good time with people you love!!! 

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