Week in Pictures: 09.30.11

Here are some weekly pictures the Aloha Rag team took in Hawaii, Tokyo and New York! We had a big meeting at the New York Atelier this week, and it was a great opportunity to meet a lot of team members face to face!! The top picture is a rooftop we've just discovered, where we can over see the Hudson River and Newark, NJ... Have a nice weekend everyone! 

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Trend Alert: Button-Down Shirt!


A button-down shirt is timeless and one of the great items that can fit into transitional looks around this time of year. Paired with slim trousers or jeans, lady-like heels and a statement bag, it makes ultimately chic and effortless looks that will never fail! Check out some great style inspirations of the shirt and trousers look, which were captured during the recent fashion weeks...






1, Comme Des Garcons Shirt

2, The Row Klimpton Shirt

3, Proenza Schouler Pouch in Smoke

4, Martin Margiela Shirt

5, Alexander Wang Emile Tote

6, WGACA Chanel Vintage Lizard Bag

7, The Row Smashton Denim

8, Martin Margiela Pants

9, R13 Skinny Denim

10,Giuzeppe Zanotti Cap-Toe Pumps

11, Lanvin Tassel Loafer

12, Alexander Wang Stella Sandals







 Shirt2  Shirt6  Shirts5  Shirt1

In the Press: Lucien Pellat Finet Sequin T-shirt in Figaro

Figaro10 Figaro


Lucien Pellat Finet's Sequin Skull T-shirt was featured in the Figaro Japon October issue! The T-shirts has a big impact with LPF's signature skull in a sparkle of sequins and tulle! The sleeves are also covered with the same decoration with layered fringe, adding a spin rich with personality. This slim fitted luxury shirt is perfect for the party season! We just received tons of new LPF pieces on the website, so check out what's new from the collection here


Just In: Comme Des Garcons Knit Scarves


As the temperature starts sloping downward, we cannot think of a better way to start the new seasons acquisitions then with a cozy scarf!! We received three great knit scarves from Comme des Garcons this season. Their large size allow them to be transformed into gowns or shawls, depending on the weather. Either the  lovely pom-pom, stripe or simple solid Navy, their versatility makes it hard to choose which one... All of them have a rolled finish on the edges, which make the scarf extra soft and spongy. When you carry this,  you can always be ready for the unexpected weather change! Click on the images below and see product pages... 

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4  5  6

AR News: 09.29.11



Tatsugo and the AR design team had a very busy last couple of weeks!! Mr. Yamashita visited the NY Atelier for the last adjustment on a few pieces of the SS12 collection, and discussed the preliminary designs of the FW11 collection. Have you checked out our SS12 video look book yet? It was just posted on ELLE.com!!!! If not, you can check it out below!



Tatsugo and the design team fly to Paris on 9.29 and present the collection to buyers... exciting!  In the time between press and buying visits, they are also undertaking the design of the FW12 collection. There will be couple of new exciting projects, including a Men's shoe design with Hiroshi Tsubouchi (as seen on the leather samples on right bottom) and a candle collaboration project with Alexa Rodulfo!!! Also, here below is the list of worldwide stocklists of AR SS12 collection. You can see the men's and women's AR FW11 collection online now!



Men's T-Shirt Round Up!!

Highseas-2 Highseas-3 Highseas-6

Highseas-8 Highseas-5 Highseas
Highseas-4 Highseas-9 Highseas-1

A good t-shirt is season-less, easy, and versatile. It's one you can throw on under a jacket, cardigan, sweater, snow jacket, basically anything! Whether it's a simple solid color or graphic tee, this season's great T-shirts at Aloha Rag will add some kick to your fall/winter wardrobe. Click on the images and jump to see the detailed products! 

Dezso in Aloha Rag's Atelier!



We were very happy to have Sara Beltran, the designer behind the jewelry brand Dezso, at our studio last week!!! Her lovely new collection meshed perfect with the atmosphere of our studio. Of course, Aloha Rag picked up few pieces for the store!! Here are some pictures below of Sara and Tatsugo choosing the pieces... Her phenomenal color combinations that capture the feeling of the beach and nature are the reason why we love Dezso so much. Check out the latest collection on the website here, and please look forward to the new pieces on the website soon, we've just shot them!! 


Dez  Dez3  Dez5


Men's Looks: Coats & Jackets!



We've just shot tons of great men's FW11 jackets and coats from Martin Margiela, Band Of Outsiders, Raf Simons, Lanvin, and Yves Saint Laurent...! Super-heavy duty coats to the lightweight jackets, we are sure you will find some pieces of outerwear to suit your local weather!! These looks will be updated to the website soon. For now, click on the images below to take a closer look! 


Raf Simons

Raf Raf1 Raf3 Raf5 Raf6


Ysl Lan Mm Ann Boo

From Left: Yves Saint Laurent, Lanvin, Martin Margiela, Ann Demeulemeester, Band Of Outsiders 


FW11 Junya Watanabe Collaborations



Every season Junya Watanabe collaborates with virtuosos of their respective fields and creates wonderful pieces that fans of both collaborators lust after. This season his partners in crime are; Duvetica, Trickers, Mackintosh, and Brooks Brothers!! These established brands, known for being very strict in there selection of collaborative partners, trust Junya Watanabe to work with their product, as  his long history of creativity has qualified him. Each piece has plenty of detail, and we are in love with all the small things he packs into a garment; utilizing stitches, patches, shapes, pockets, and material mixing. The designs are ambitious and done spectacularly! Check out the entire Junya Watanabe collection at Aloha Rag here


Model Watch: 09.24.11



Outer: Robert Geller Coat

Pants: Robert Geller Denim Pants

Footwear: Martin Margiela Boots

Accessories: 3.1 Phillip Lim Muffler, Lucien-Pellat Finet Hat 


For any questions regarding the items, please call/ email us below. 


New York : 1-212-925-0882 / 505@aloharag.com

Hawaii: 1-808-589-2050 / love@aloharag.com



Week in Pictures: 09.23.11


Here are some weekly pictures that Aloha Rag team took in Hawaii, Tokyo and New York! Top image is taken this afternoon at the studio of stylist Lester Garcia (pictured with Jeremiah in some of Lester's vintage Cutler and Gross sunglasses!). There is a great new project going on at Aloha Rag which we cannot wait to reveal to you soon... Have a nice weekend! 

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JUST IN: Knee Boots!


(From left: Giuzeppe Zanotti Knee Boots in Grey, Martin Margiela Long Boots in Black, Beige, Camel, Giuzeppe Zanotti Knee Boots in Brown


Picking a footwear piece for Winter can be an annoying ordeal since form and function don't always go hand and hand. This season, classic knee-high heeled boots made a great come back on the runways, and it is interesting to see how Aloha Rag's favorite brands are approaching this timeless standard. For example, Giuzeppe Zanotti designed a simple and lady-like pair with sturdy heels. The curve of the backside of the boot has a beautiful line, and the grey and brown leather guarantees sophistication! Martin Margiela took an all-time-classic to another level... These boots are constructed of perfectly distressed leather, and have a quirky double sole. Even thought the boots have an avant-garde twist, they keep a simple silhouette. We received this style in a bootie version as well. Whether its a classic or innovative approach, these pairs do great during the chilly months! Check out all Women's footwear at Aloha Rag here




Proenza Schouler's PS-1



It's square face, the lovely envelop shaped flap, how it's light as a feather, and it's larger-than-life presence... These are a couple of the reasons that the PS-1 by Proenza Schouler has been called an "IT" bag for a while now, but there are more.  It's versatile, and can be carried as a handbag, shoulder bag, or even as a clutch as you can see in the images above. Fashionistas all around the world have proven his bag is a simple and smart and literally can "go with" any situation or style.

At Aloha Rag, besides the original style, we received the "Keep All" and "Pouch" types as well. We will also be receiving totes, wallets, and the PS-1 in funky colors for SS12! Please feel free to call us for any questions or pre-order for PS-1 from below. 

Highseas-2 Highseas-3 Highseas

 New York : 1-212-925-0882 / 505@aloharag.com

Hawaii: 1-808-589-2050 / love@aloharag.com


"Tokyo Rising" by Palladium Boots

Screen shot 2011-09-14 at 1.11.39 PM

Since the posters are up everywhere in the streets of New York City, some of you may know, but we would like to share "Tokyo Rising" with those that don't. This five part series of short films focused on the impact of the major earthquake in Japan that took place on March 11th 2011, as seen through the eyes of a foreigner getting the story from the locals. We thought it was really well done and ask that you check it out when you have a few minutes here

Get the Look: 09.22.11


Outer: Junya Watanabe Jacket

Inner: Martin Margiela BD Shirt

Bottom: Adam Kimmel Tuxedo Pants

Footwear: Martin Margiela Lace-Up Boots*

Accessory: Martin Margiela Ombre Scarf



*Some items on the picture is not available online. For any questions regarding the items, please feel free to contact us via email or phone! 


New York : 1-212-925-0882 / 505@aloharag.com

Hawaii: 1-808-589-2050 / love@aloharag.com



Showroom Visit: Elder Statesman



Last week, Tatsugo and the buying team visited The Elder Statesman showroom in SOHO. As a big fan of classic knitwear, Tatsugo took a look at the collection and picked up some great pieces of their SS12 collection. The silhouettes are quite devoted to the classics, yet the variations in color and special quality of the cashmere made the pieces stand out! The Elder Statesman line is new to Aloha Rag this season, but we are very happy that we've already been receiving great feedback from our customers!! The knitwear is amazingly soft and cozy, and we wish you could cuddle up with the heavenly cashmere blankets... Hopefully, the images below show the atmosphere of the collection and how dreamy soft these knitwears actually are... FW11 items will be up on the New Arrival soon! 


1 2 5

6 3 4

Black Accessories Round-Up!!

Highseas-9 Highseas-4 Highseas-11

Highseas-13 Highseas-10 Highseas-3

Highseas-6 Highseas-5 Highseas-15

Highseas-8 Highseas-12 Highseas-14

Like that, a new season has begun... The quick drop in temperature was an overnight thing here in New York. It's tough to keep up with such a fast paced weather change, but when you don't know what to wear, black accessories are always a time-saver in the morning. We've received many unique black accessories this season, and even though these have exceptional details and lots of character, the timelessness of the color keeps them a reliable piece... Click on the images and jump to the product pages. 

Aloha!! Honolulu Mannequin Watch: 09.19.11









* Some items on the mannequins are not available at the store. Please contact us below if you have any questions! 


New York : 1-212-925-0882 / 505@aloharag.com

Hawaii: 1-808-589-2050 / love@aloharag.com


MMM Baby Doctor's Coat


 camera:Thanx, Mark!

Please excuse me for this very personal post, but I received a little package by Mr. LB of Martin Margiela the other day, and I just had to share. I opened up the white boxes with question marks in my head, and... !!! It was a doctor's coat for a baby, just like the ones they wear in the Maison Martin Margiela atelier!! I was speechless and so happy from their amazing surprise. I called Mr. LB just a few seconds later and he told me that the doctor's coat was made by the Artisanal department...


When I think back, Martin Margiela has always been part of my life since I started out as a buyer for Aloha Rag. In 2003, Tatsugo took me to Paris to see the SS collection. It was a great show, and made my eyes literally tear up. Also, another memorable show for me was the one for the 20th Anniversary collection... Yes, Martin Margiela is on the top of my list and all time favorite (and a respected fashion masion), so this gift is very special and touching to me...! Thank you Mr. LB for this beautiful gift, it will be my family's treasure that we will remember forever.



P.S: When I cleaned out my house the other day, I found some old pictures... perfect timing!! Good times... I used to bring a film camera, not digital camera, on my buying trips. Here is a young Henrik Vibskov ( top middle) and me.. NYFW is finished, and now, time to move on to the Paris collections! Please keep your expectations high for the fresh breeze the new additions to the buying team will bring!! 

Trend Alert: Pattern Mixing!!



While browsing the NYFW's street styles, we spotted another major trend, Pattern Mixing! Bold and subtle patterns have been seen in many big maison's runway shows the past couple seasons, and they returned for SS12 as well. This trend is just fun to look at, and it's simply great to be able to have two favorite patterns in one look! Let's get started with familiar prints like stripes, florals, and dots, and on the top you can basically put any other print you like, such as animal, tribal, abstract, and geometric. These brave fashionistas in the top image are mixing unique patterns and playing! Here are couple of looks, suggested by Aloha Rag. 


Left: 3.1 Phillip Lim Leather Riders Jacket, Comem des Gracons Cardigan, Thakoon Soft Pants, Ann Demeulemeester Galaxy Print Scarf, Golden Goose Francy Sneakers


Right: The Row Fox Fur Vest, ALC Stripe Long-Sleeve Tee, Dries Van Noten Dress, 3.1 Phillip Lim Satchel, Gabriela Areigas Cube Necklace, Giuzeppe Zanotti Leopard Heels