Introducing... Schier Shoes

I am happy to introduce you to a new brand at Aloha Rag that I'm so excited about!!


Back in Spring, I was introduced Schier shoes by our customer from South Africa in the ARHI store.  He wore a pair of beautifully aged shoes that caught my eye right away. 


Schier is a South African footwear brand that specializes in dessert boots, and have more than 70 years of history.  All the shoes are made of Kudo leather, and animal that inhabits the local region. Kudo suede has naturally water resistant, making the Schier shoes really easy to take care of. The soles are replaceable, so when they get beat up, they can be changed and you can truly enjoy the aging of the leather! 


You can see the local people modeling and wearing the shoes on their official website, and on the cool post cards that come in the shoebox!present 


This time, we've received the OTAVI, a unisex style which I've bought (see below!) , and also the ERONGO in black (as seen on the men's mannequin)... 


All Schier shoes are handmade, so they have heartwarming craftsmanship! Please understand that they slightly vary in color and texture. Also, they are in UK sizes so we recommend to take the 1.5 - 2 size down from U.S size! Schier shoes will be update on the website very soon so check out our New Arrival department often. 

Phone 808 589 2050     E-mail love@aloharag.com


Aloha Rag Honolulu on Sumally...

Sumally, a new up and coming social networking website, is now one of my guilty pleasures! Anyone can post a picture of something you like, from clothing to interior decoration, accessories or even landscapes. I can just go on the site and look for hours and hours...good AR started their account a while back, and I've just made an account for our Honolulu Store! We would like to make it a platform to share new arrivals & other merchandise! Please follow us to get updates... 




Note:Today I've just found out that AR Slit Cardigan from FW12 collection has a perfect V to compliment Martin Margiela's Aids Tee! 

I'm wearing the French version of the Tee that I received as a gift. On the bottom, I'm wearing Martin Margiela shorts that I found in a thrift store in Paris...


Have you ever been to our Hawaii store?


We wrote a little feature on Aloha Rag's New York Boutique a few weeks ago, and this time we would like to shine the spotlight on Aloha Rag's Honolulu store! Celebrating its 20th anniversary last year, ARHI has been a "must-go" shopping spot in Hawaii for awhile. To get some insight, we interviewed the store manager, Tomo! 



What's the best thing about the store?

"Hawaii is now known as a destination for fashion enthusiasts, but when Aloha Rag opened it's doors more than 20 years ago, there were not many boutiques around at all. We can say that ARHI is a pioneer, introducing a well curated selection  of luxury brands from all over the world to the Islands. Since back then, we have been focusing on items that you can't find anywhere else but Aloha Rag, and I am happy that customers see the originality in our store. "



How would you describe the customers style?

"Tatsugo (Yoda, founder) used to call Hawaii the "Bellybutton" of the world, because there are a lot of foreigners visiting from Europe, Asia, and America. Along with our local regulars, we could were able to establish a broad demographic of customers from around the world, and we really appreciate their kind support. "








What do you like about the neighborhood the store is in?

"Aloha Rag HI is located near Ala Moana Shopping Center, the biggest shopping center in Hawaii. You might feel a bit anxious when you venture from the main area of the center, but it is very short walk to the store, about 7 or 8 minutes. Because ARHI is a touch outside of the busy shopping district, you can enjoy the relaxed atmosphere of the store. Parking is also readily available in this area, so you can come in a car and enjoy shopping worry-free. When you are in a shopping mood, our location is really convenient! 







Where is you favorite coffee / lunch spot?

"We love the sweet pastries of Stage Cafe, which is located in the Honolulu Design Center, right across the street from the store. Our staff Eri's favorite is the Lemon Bar (The best in Hawaii!) and I like their chocolate cream pie. For a coffee break, we recommend Fresh Cafe in the Ward Shopping Area, the Raspberry Latte is divine! Most of the staff brings their own lunch box since we don't have many lunch options around the store, but we highly recommend the Yucchan-Reimen's cold noodle. It's Tatsugo's favorite, and makes you feel refreshed and energized after walking around in Hawaii's heat. It's a bit far from the store, but we also recommend the Lasagna at Bruno's Forno in Downtown. The Original Pancake House is in our building, and they always have a line. Also, it is not well known, but we have a Farmer's Market on Saturdays in Ala Moana Center's parking lot. It is the best place to enjoy authentic local Hawaiian food! 





1221 Kapiolani Boulevard, Suite 115
Honolulu, Hawaii 96814
USA (map)

Phone: 808.589.2050

Email: love@aloharag.com


A Year After...

It's been a year from massive earthquake took place in Japan on 3.11, 2011. That day, I remember I was in Paris with Tatsugo and Yuki for buying. I was checking Twitter as usual in the morning, and the time line flew on the screen with unusual speed. That told me something happened in Japan. I figured out that there was a big earthquake in Tohoku. We had to leave the hotel for the first appointment, and at that point, the Tsunami had not reached the island yet.


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MMM Baby Doctor's Coat


 camera:Thanx, Mark!

Please excuse me for this very personal post, but I received a little package by Mr. LB of Martin Margiela the other day, and I just had to share. I opened up the white boxes with question marks in my head, and... !!! It was a doctor's coat for a baby, just like the ones they wear in the Maison Martin Margiela atelier!! I was speechless and so happy from their amazing surprise. I called Mr. LB just a few seconds later and he told me that the doctor's coat was made by the Artisanal department...


When I think back, Martin Margiela has always been part of my life since I started out as a buyer for Aloha Rag. In 2003, Tatsugo took me to Paris to see the SS collection. It was a great show, and made my eyes literally tear up. Also, another memorable show for me was the one for the 20th Anniversary collection... Yes, Martin Margiela is on the top of my list and all time favorite (and a respected fashion masion), so this gift is very special and touching to me...! Thank you Mr. LB for this beautiful gift, it will be my family's treasure that we will remember forever.



P.S: When I cleaned out my house the other day, I found some old pictures... perfect timing!! Good times... I used to bring a film camera, not digital camera, on my buying trips. Here is a young Henrik Vibskov ( top middle) and me.. NYFW is finished, and now, time to move on to the Paris collections! Please keep your expectations high for the fresh breeze the new additions to the buying team will bring!! 


Martin Margiela Line 4 Eye Mask and More....


camera : Thanx, Mark!


Here are a couple of my personal purchases from this season... They are Martin Margiela, as always! I tended to collect leather goods rather than buying clothing catface


As a buyer for Aloha Rag, I've been flying many times a year for a long time now, and I have gotten used to sleeping on the plane. The amount of good sleep I can get on the plane is very important to have a buying trip full of energy !! I am a very sensitive sleeper who easily wakes up with only a little noise, so I always take an eye-mask and earplugs with me. Now, I even need these two things to sleep at home, and I now finally own my "new favorite" leather eye mask from Martin Margiela Line 4! 


The eye-mask retails for $295, and is made in dark brown lamb leather on the surface, and rayon on the inside. The buckle of the elastic band is gold and silver, and the mask is a "replica" from 2000s' London. The replica tag is a tricky thing... Should I leave it cuz I love it and it's a part of the piece, or cut it off since it covers my nose and could possibly bother my sleep...? Also, I have to find reliable leather cleaning service in Hawaii for this mask to take a good care of it...


Probably, this is more likely a product you would like to know about... this seasons AIDS Tee! This T-shirts will be uploaded on the website soon, and if you would like to get your hands on this sooner, you can email to love@aloharag.com and make sure it's going to be yours... Please note that we're still waiting for Men's Small size to be in stock, but Men's M - XL and Women's Small is available for $75 good



P.S: Thomas, the singer from my favorite band PHOENIX, and Sopia Coppola just had their wedding! Sophia is wearing a gorgeous Alaia dressheart04 with Francis Coppola, her father, on the left... Congratulations!!


Savage Beauty Book

This past weekend was the last time to see the much talked about the exhibition, Alexander McQueen's Savage Beauty at New York's MET. Whoever I asked that had seen in, said it was amazing. Unfortunately, I did not have a chance to go, so I decided to purchase the book via Amazon, to get at least a little piece of the exhibition...  




On the cover is a magic eye type of thing overlaying his signature skull and McQueen's face. The book is very well curated with strong messages throughout, and even from simply looking at the photos, his creations deliver their powerful aura. The whole experience is breathtaking, and I got lost for a good amount of time staring at each page. 


6a0120a679eaf2970b014e8a70f610970d-800wi 6a0120a679eaf2970b0153907dbb61970b-800wi

6a0120a679eaf2970b015434511ddf970c-800wi 6a0120a679eaf2970b015434511f8b970c-800wi

camera : Thank U, Mark.

And... I have one more little thing! This is my personal favorite moment of any show McQueen ever did... I cannot explain why, but it makes my eyes moist every time I watch it. 



His death was a deep tragedy, and a shame not only for the fashion scene, but the art world as well. The loss will be forever immeasurable. In retrospect, It was a great honor to say that I saw his creations with my own eyes and had a chance to buy them as a buyer for Aloha Rag. This book is highly recommended for those who could not get to see the exhibition. 


Speaking of great losses, I am really sad that Japanese soccer player, Naoki Matsuda, just passed away about a week ago. He was the player which I really admired for over 10 years now. He sometimes visited Aloha Rag Honolulu, and I remember writing a blog about it "that" day because I was so excited! We will never see a player like him again, so very passionate and honestly expressive in his emotions. I hope his legacy will be passed on to the next generation of soccer players... clover



Summer Mode!

I heard that this Summer is going to be harshly hot all over the world... sweat01 I would like to introduce a refreshing new face at Aloha Rag, Samudra



Samudra is a collaborative line between two ocean lovers; Sara Beltrán, best know as the designer behind Dezso, and Jennifer Binney, a Hawaii based jewelry designer. The line is inspired by their travels, and the printed pouches might take you back to beautiful memories of your past vacations... One of the designers is always carrying this pouch with her as a clutch, and it can be used as an iPad case if you wish! We have 3 prints available right now, and this Flamingo feather print will be with us soon! 



I chose the cute pinkish color, COCONUT SUNSETheart04
camera : Thanks, Markgood



In the pouch, I packed my DITA Verve in bone color, which I've just got this summer and are already in heavy rotation! The other sunglasses are my summer essentials, LINDA FARROW x Matthew Williamson, Henrik Vibskov, and old Ksubi! In Hawaii, sunglasses are a necessity all year round...yacht


PS. soccersoccersoccer soccer Big up to Nadeshiko Japan (Japanese Women's Soccer Team) Congratulations!!!crownhappy02 soccersoccersoccer soccersoccersoccersoccer



shineJuly 1st started a year long celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Aloha Ragshine We had the anniversary party and ARHI x Converse release party on June 30th at THE WAIKIKI EDITION HOTEL! It was a great mix of people joining us, long term Aloha Rag supporters, locals, celebrities, and old friends! Unfortunately, Yoda was on the buying trip to Paris, but the night was so much fun! 



All the way from Thailand, Megumi sent us the flowers, and also Kyoko from 3.1 Phillip Lim gifted us the flowers too! That was so heart-warming to see people showing the support from all over the world... 

8  6  7  5

Jeremiah flew in from NY for this anniversary party, and hosted the special night! Hokulani Bake Shop's Red Velvet cupcakes are our favorite, and we had a giveaway at the end of the party for those who've been supporting our growth over the 20 years. I got a sore throat the day after, I was probably too excited to be part of this great party! Thank you so much for those who coming out for our special night, and those who helped us to made it happen. This is only just the beginning, many more special projects are on it's way for 20th Anniversary..!! 


My Personal Orders

Every season I sneak in a couple personal orders...This season, out of all the pieces I ordered, I am most excited for this vest from Martin Margiela LINE 4! I finally got my hands on something from his famous Driver's Knit series.

  ピクチャ 2

It's cotton so that I can wear it in the hot weather here in Hawaii! Also, the vest has the snap buttons on the sides so you can wear it in many ways. Don't worry, we ordered the navy color version of this for you! It will be up on the website soon, so please keep an eye out for it. 




  ピクチャ 3

Next, I got this black leather egg by Ann Demeulemeester, made in Germany. It is a multi-use egg with tough shell, and can be worn as a necklace or charm for your bag. 



  ピクチャ 4Last but not least, I also ordered an initial charm by Ginette_NY. (Please click on the image on the left, it's on the black egg) I was looking for something that I can wear all the time, so this charm was perfectflair

If you are interested in this charm or the egg, we can place an order... Please feel free to ask questions regarding these items via email!



camera: THANKS, MARK!!

Update : I also purchased this ring by Martin Margiela, which is just uploaded to the website today, for my Valentine day gift! It's such a statement piece. I always start a new season with a piece of Margiela...


A Happy New Year from Hawaii!


A Happy New Year everyone!

Finally new year has come in here Hawaii... Hope all of you had a nice countdown and this 2011 will be a joyful year for you. For the first post of the year, I would like to introduce the gold item for a good luck... Please take a look below, the pair of Martin Margiela Artisanal Leather Gold Boots ($3480).
Collaging the Layer of the 12- 23 Kt gold plate, this beautiful pair deserves the attantions of the good start of the year. Not only these will give you the presence to your look, but also the soft and sophisticated shine give the perfect look for Margiela's signature style. In addition, the pairs are handpainted by Artisans, so each pairs have different personalities. You will never find exact same pairs... Longer you wear, it will fit perfectly to your foot.

These pairs are produced in very limited quantities, but Aloha Rag New York store has stocked size 41, 42, and 43.
*The display when I went buying in Paris

These boots will be updated on the webstore soon, but if you have any questions, please feel free to call / email us.

Email: love@aloharag.com

Phone: Hawaii 808 589 2050, New York 212 925 0882



YodavsBeckham Hey everyone! Today we slip a little bit out of our routine changing from a shine fashion blog shine to a soccersoccer player paparazzisoccer site.

Upon perusing a soccer website one of our buyers came across this photo that struck her attention. The pic prominently displays the heart04 Beckhams stepping outside. Look a little closer and low and behold there is our dear Yoda peering out from the far left corner!! happy02

I couldn’t believe my eyes for a moment!

And who is that strange character, arms crossed, standing just behind?? Why, could it be our beloved Keisuke??

The photo camera of Yoda was taken just outside the office entrance of JIL SANDERin Milan, the photo is courtesy of the lovely Chinami.

Well, the Beckhams don’t disappoint. As always, they radiate class and style.♪ If any two people in the world can claim to be the hottest modern super couple this pair has definitely earned it!heart02


Luis Morais - Bracelets in honor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup

soccer Countdown to FIFA World Cup opening~~~~
Thank you very much for your interest in
Luis Morais Bracelets in honor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup
We received great responses from all over the world,
and some country's bracelets were sold out as soon as we posted them on our blogsweat01sweat01sweat01

As I told you about my special order bracelet in my last blog,
here you go! I just received my special order "Spain" braceletshine 
( camera: photo by Kei-chan, Thanks!)

It is made with powerful Red x Yellow African beads,
with a skull charm that made with feminine rose gold.
Yoda got a Spain as well to be ready to cheer his favorite team!

Because Luis Morais x FIFA World Cup Bracelets are made in mens sizes,
you can use it as an anklet like Yoko does.
She purchased  Portugal one good


Here is another idea of how to wear these bracelets.
Seiko wears them layered.
Mammoth beads x rose gold fleur de lis,
other mammoth beads bracelet is with a skull charm,
and a slice diamond with black string...

Luis Morais bracelet can be worn in many different ways.
You can wear a single bracelet, or wear them layered...
you can create your own style with his bracelets!

Please don't miss this special chance to get his bracelets,
and wear it for your new style!!! ( camera: photo by Mark, Thanks! )


I visited Lanikai beach last weekend.
Sending you summer greeting from Happy Hawaii with Rainbow!

; Rainbow


~ Peace Unity Football ~

Did you already check
Luis Morais Bracelets in honor of the 2010 FIFA World Cup?

( camera : Photo by Mark!!)
We have started to sell these special bracelets in-store, and
as well. These bracelets made with African Beads which are called,
"LOVE" beads or "PEACE" beads.
Luis designed them with his iconic skull charm between the  selected vivid color
beads for the Tournament in South Africa along with his wishes that
people are equal, and have no boundary.

     soccer   PEACE UNITY FOOTBALL   soccer


These players are my favorite!heart04 
And I am going to get The Spain Version of the bracelet,
because I am such a big fan of Silva,
and this is my "special" personal order~~♪


Next Future Bag...

Great news for bag fans!!!
We're starting to carry YSL & Proenza Schouler for FW10.

Arriving soon, the YSL icon MUSE bag,


EASY BAG and EASY ROCK Studded Bag!

Also, the highly anticipated MUSE TWO!
Not only that, their new collection ROADY
that has been receiving attention by all bag lovers since its debut,
will be coming soon.

Here is the first arrival of the patent leather EASY BAG!

And Ladies and Gentleman, attention please!
Proenza Schouler PS1 Bag
will arrive at AR soon!

We'll have two sizes: M & L,
three materialas: calf leather, suede and python,
and three colors: Black, Grey and

Both YSL and Proenza Schouler bags will be available in the AR Hawaii store! 
We expect the YSL bags to start arriving later this month or early June and Proenza Schouler bags toward the end of June.
If you have any questions or would like to pre-order these new HOT bags,
please contact us anytime!

Email: love@aloharag.comloveletter

By the way, Seiko and I want a MUSE TWO so badly...
This is our next future bag!



An Everyday Tee for you!

We've had very cool weather this season in Hawaii,
but finally... The Sunny day in Hawaii made me smile.
Today, I would like to show you our ARHI staff members favorite
T by Alexander Wang, this is "An Everyday Tee for YOU!

This long sleeve tee is my favorite,
and I own all colors.heart04
It uses thin material, so it's perfect to wear even in the hot summer.

Their new color Army is very refreshing.
We have Tank top and short sleeve tee as well!


This Rib tee uses 100% Tencel,
so comfortable to wear, and also nice to layer up with other tank tops.


And more, DRIES VAN NOTEN's new tee are available on the website now!
It's very much like DVN, it will be your main piece to wear this summer.
this tee for my birthday, a gift to myself!


As matter fact, I'm wearing it today!
If you have any questions about DRIES VAN NOTEN items,
please feel free to contact us anytime!


Many more from AR private line..

ALOHA RAG's private line has arrived at our store. Mr.Yoda as a head designer, and the AR designing staff members are working very hard everyday.

This women's blouson ($255) has a hint of military taste with a feminine cut, while using selected accessories that includes zippers.


It fits slightly tight from the top of the body, and changes to a more relax fit towards the bottom. With it's cocoon like shape, and silhouette, it's very comfortable to wear. You can find it in our Hawaii store, and it will arrive in our New York store and on our web-site very soon.




~ A collection characterized  by an intense feeling of
poetry and love for timeless beauty ~ 

We have carried W&H for a long time, and now, we are so glad to introduce to you their Gold Collection this season.
All items are made of 18K yellow & white gold, and high quality shineDiamondsshine from Belgium.
Please enjoy infinity beauty of their new gold collection.

Please click here to see WOUTERS & HENDRIX GOLD collection...


You are quite the character Mr. Yoda!

The below photo was shot during this seasons buying trip to NY at Mason Martin Margiela Showroom. I have a funny story to tell you! This was a display in MMM showroom, it's a pigtail like cell phone strap with hair styling gel. Margiela always has some kind of sense of humor in their display. I saw Tatsugo was doing something in front of their display, he was rubbing his hands together.... I asked him; "What are you doing there?". OMG.... 


To make a long story short... He thought that the hair gel was a hand sanitizer, and said... no wonder why it's so sticky..... Then he ran to the bathroom after it all.


Anyway, here is some our favorite pieces from their Fall Winter collection. Of course, we love their Boot, and here are some special women's sneaker for New York store + Web exclusive!


And for Men, German emboss sneakergood

We had a hard time to choose items in their showroom..... I just wanted to buy them all!!!!



We are almost half way through the FW10 Women's buying trip, and Yoda will be going to Paris this weekend. I found some great views of Paris and Paris' Collection's at  TRANOI HP.

We don't carry many of the brands from the trade shows anymore, but we first discovered Golden Goose at TRANOI's small booth. Since then, we've carried them all year long, season to season.  Currently they are one of our most popular brands to date.

Until last year, TRANOI's main hall was Palais de la Bourse(stock market)



Dries Van Noten Mens Spring Summer 2010 collection was held there along with other shows. On weekends, they have a farmer's market in front of the hall.  Fashion and daily living are shared in this place. Tranoi has a growing number of visitors and exhibitors.  Last year they added the Lourve basement as one of the venues to accommodate the growing number of designers. 

I heard that there is a special project being organized by ISEM students as a tribute to Alexander Mcqeen during the show (3/5 to 3/8).